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Model: XDCLH-005

Dimension: 300*420*340*3mm (length*width*height*thick)

Capacity: 3.5 ga

Plastic materialPET

Color: Clear

Installation: Lay Flat



  1. The appearance design of PET glass has good light transmission and light transmission effect. Can better show the color and appeal of food.
  2. The front cover is designed to avoid mold and moisture caused by excessive food contact with air.
  3. The transparent display warehouse can display the color of food and attract customers.
  4. Two price locations, different locations for customers to check prices. Removable baffle design: the price board can be placed in this partition space; card slot design: with internal price tag card slot.
  5. With shovel and shovel clip box, more convenient to carry items. After eating, there is a spring on the shovel and it is not easy to fall off.


尺寸 300 × 420 × 340 毫米

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