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Model: XDCLH-022

Dimension: 140*140*220*3mm (length*width*height*thick)

Capacity: 1ga

Plastic materialPCTG

Color: Clear

Installation: Lay Flat



The product adopts FDA (US Food and Drug Administration
Authority) PC material certified.

1. Integrated injection, integrated price tag, rectangular design, simple style.

2. At a glance, transparent, clear, can clearly display the contents of the display box.

3. The design of the top seal ring ensures that the food is not easily damaged by moisture and keeps it fresh and dry.

4. The bottom is thickened so that the center of gravity of the display box is placed downward.

5. The top handle design, easy to take goods out


重量 0.76 公斤
尺寸 140 × 140 × 220 毫米

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