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Model: XDSPH-036

Dimension: 336.5*260*107*4mm (length*width*height*thick)

Capacity: 2.5 ga

Plastic material: PP+PC

Color: Clear and White

Installation: Lay Flat



Products adopted by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration Authority) PC material certified.

  1. The spoon holder and the upper cover are integrally injection molded, which is firmer and more reliable than the adhesive spoon holder and easier to clean.
  2. Reinforced strip design at the edge of the box increases the load-bearing capacity of the food box and effectively prevents the deformation of the food box.
  3. The reverse design of the upper cover is not easy to fall off, making the upper cover and the main food box more firm.
  4. Multi-material combination, PC transparent cover plus PP white food box, easy to store and retrieve goods, generous display of the food’s own color.
  5. With price card design, convenient and fast, the conspicuous position is convenient for customers to check the price


重量 0.6 公斤
尺寸 336.5 × 260 × 107 毫米

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