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Dimension: 200*180*180 (length*width*height*thick)

Capacity: 1.5ga

Plastic material:PC

Color: Clear

Installation: Lay Flat



Products adopted by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration

Authority) PC material certified.

  1. The box is composed of a main body, an upper cover, a sample box cover, a bottom partition, and a sealing ring. The main body is integrally formed, strong and resistant to breakage, smooth and smooth, without defects.
  2. A tasting box is attached to the top cover, and customers can try and choose at any time without affecting the food hygiene in the box.
  3. All-round sealing design of the product to improve the shelf life of food. The buckle between the upper cover and the main body gives double protection to the sale of food.
  4. The bottom partition design can effectively separate food debris or place dried food, and improve the quality of food sold in many ways.
  5. With price card design, convenient and fast, the conspicuous position is convenient for customers to check the price


重量 0.8 公斤
尺寸 200 × 180 × 180 毫米

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