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Model:  XDZLH-00 5

Dimension:  1 00*350*570*5mm (length*width*height*thick)  


Plastic material : PCTG 

Color: Black and Clear 

Installation: Mount or Hold  



The product adopts FDA (US Food and Drug Administration Authority) PC material certified.

1. The product is sealed with an upper cover, which is dust-proof, moisture-proof and mold-proof. It can be spread from the upper part, food can be loaded into the upper mouth, and food can be taken out from the lower mouth. One-way circulation can completely solve the problem of food backlog and ensure the freshness of food.

2. Double-box design The display warehouse and storage warehouse are designed separately. When the goods in the storage warehouse are sold, the food display effect of the display warehouse will not be affected.

3. Equipped with manual adjustment of the shipment volume, the size can be adjusted to control the flow of the shipment, and the waste box overflow of the food is reduced.

4. The pull ring is made of beef tendon material, simple operation, easy to control the export volume. The handle is durable and not bad, after 500,000 pull tests.

5. Bevel automatic wrench, can accurately take the object, the front label position is a place where you can easily watch.

6. The PC material has high transparency, better showing the color and attractiveness of food.

7. A variety of display methods, saving space and easy installation. “


重量 2.16 公斤
尺寸 100 × 350 × 570 毫米

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