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Model: XDCLH-021

Dimension: 220*260*350*4mm (length*width*height*thick)

Capacity: 3ga

Plastic material: PET

Color: Clear

Installation: Lay Flat



  1. Imported damping design, the cover will slowly and automatically close after use, good sealing and freshness.
  2. The front cover is designed to avoid moldy and moist caused by excessive food contact with air.
  3. Detachable baffle design: price plate can be placed in this baffle space.
  4. Upper opening design: The storage space at the rear of the box is large. Shop from the top and pick up the front to ensure the freshness of the food.
  5. The lower part is provided with a storage drawer, so that scattered snacks automatically slide down the drawer to keep it clean


重量 2.3 公斤
尺寸 220 × 260 × 350 毫米

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